Dark to Dawn was founded in 2009 by Ashlee Harry she writes, 

“We are blessed to come along side others whose hearts are growing in concern to care for the orphans.  We are privileged to partner with those who are already taking action and, with them, we hope to share this blessing with those who will also bring hope for orphans far and near.

I have always had an insatiable desire to advocate for “the fatherless.”  Our time has come.  It is written in Hosea 14:3 “…for in you the fatherless find compassion.” 

After Ashlee and her family moved from Southern California, John Franklin became the executive director in 2011. Under John Dark to Dawn continued to grow and impact the fatherless in Ventura County. John specifically had a heart to work with older youth in Ventura County who were aging out of foster care. Coming along side them many of these youth share what a deep impact He had on their lives.

In June 2016 John moved out of Southern California and Karen Gamboa took over as Executive Director. Karen and her husband Patrick are the founders and directors of Dark to Dawn’s sister organization Defending the Fatherless.

Karen and Patrick have a strong heart for youth exiting the foster care system. They are a foster family and have adopted three children through the foster care system. Having worked closely with older youth they realized that regardless of the services being offered the outcomes for these youth was not improving. This realization prompted them to create a model that is based primarily through relationships and community rather than through services. “We believe that when we meet needs primarily through relationship with youth we empower them to succeed in their lives, communities and families. There is accountability and value in what they receive”

Dark to Dawn partners closely with other organizations offering services to youth such as Raising Hope, James Storehouse, and Women of Substance and Men of Honor.