Chaging outcomes for at risk youth in Ventura County.


“Changing the outcomes for youth requires more than a single event, but rather a willingness to be an ongoing meaningful part of their lives.”

— Karen Gamboa, executive director


Our Mission

To change the outcomes for youth exiting the foster care system, relationship by relationship. To become deeply involved in the lives of the youth we want to engage not as a charity but as a community that sees them as part of themselves. We strive to not simply be an organization which distributes good and does good works but that does the hard work of building deep friendships.


1 in 5

Youth will be homeless after aging out of foster care

3 to 4%

Aged out youth who receive college degrees

1 in 4

former foster youth who experience PTSD


The core of our ministry happens during our monthly community dinners. To become a part of our ministry a youth simply has to show up. Community dinners are family dinners, a chance for us to share a family style meal, play games, talk, swim and take home lots of leftovers. This is our time to create relationships and find out the needs of the youth. Our volunteers care deeply for our youth and demonstrate a desire and willingness to have them become part of their lives.

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